Coffee Tables


Here at Rust & Root, we're making a lot of coffee tables. I think that coffee tables are a relatively simple way to experiment with new designs, because they're one of the smaller pieces of furniture. 

If you like what you see here and would like to create a custom piece, click this link to get started.

The first one that I'll share is a combination of three different woods, all leftovers from other projects. Walnut from an entertainment center, reclaimed mahogany from Re-use Hawaii, and Norfolk Pine from the guys at Waimanalo Wood. I like Norfolk because of the knots and inherent shine it has when finished. This reclaimed mahogany is absolutely beautiful, with a natural dark red color. Apparently, mahogany becomes more red when it sits outside, and this wood was definitely outside at Re-use Hawaii's warehouse for a long time. We bought a big long warped, twisted board and we got quite a bit of usable lumber out of it. There's still some left! 

We're designing new legs as well. Inspired by a midcentury modern look, we're trying to create an elegant coffee table than can be any size and not look clunky. Below you can see a few different versions of the legs. One set is monkeypod, another Norfolk pine, and the third is a mystery wood.


Now, we're going to go into a few more coffee tables that used this leg design. One was a custom order, and the other one is for sale!

Custom Order

This incredible monkeypod slab is from Waimanalo Wood. It is a slice almost from the edge of the tree, which is why you see so much figure and burl where branches met the trunk. This tree had a limb cut and scarred over, by the left leg on the coffee table. There is a bit of the story of this tree, records of which are left inside of this slab. You just have to know what to look for! This piece also has a true live edge on three of the four sides, which is hard to find in a slab this size. Our clients were pretty psyched to find this piece. They suggested this style of leg, which I think came out great. 

Another similar monkeypod live edge coffee table is shown below. This one has the Norfolk pine legs, and is currently for sale!

Okay, the coffee tables are gonna keep coming. You don't have to keep reading. It's up to you.

Yep, we've got more. Yes, this is the last one. For now. This last coffee table is my favorite. The top is live edge formosa koa, again from Waimanalo Wood. Down the center is a stripe of true red koa, which was salvaged from an old house in Honolulu. It was being used as a moulding! The square tapered legs are a combination of wenge (the really black wood), mahogany and monkeypod. You won't see another table like this.

I wanted to incorporate some steel into a piece of furniture, and this side table is the result of my experiments. 

I think that's all for now! Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any comments or questions. I love talking about furniture, design, wood, power tools... the list goes on.