Rust & Root Furniture shapes beautiful pieces of local Hawaiian hardwoods using modern design and unique style. We strive to create beautiful custom furniture, and we stand behind our craftsmanship.

Monkeypod dining table. Bookmatched slabs from a tree in Manoa Valley, Oahu. Steel table legs also made in the USA.

Above is a custom monkeypod dining table made for a family in Kailua. We encourage clients to follow along with the process of building a dining table like this from raw slab to finished product. This local monkeypod was from a tree living in Oahu’s Manoa Valley. None of the local Hawaiian lumber that we use has been harvested for the purpose of making furniture.

Homeowners remove trees for new development, growing too close to a home or trees that have fallen from a storm (although the latter is rare). If these logs were not milled up into slabs, they would be put through the wood chipper or dumped to decay naturally. We’re also very lucky here in Hawaii that the urban reclaimed lumber is absolutely gorgeous. Our favorites are monkeypod (most commonly requested), mango and koa. Many other less common local species that also make amazing furniture include kamani, false kamani, Cuban mahogany and Norfolk pine.

Ko'olau Cabinet

Before making the final glueup, it is important to test the to make sure all of the angles are correct, the tenons are in the right place and that the seam is going to close up tight.


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