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We love bringing your furniture design dreams into reality. Bring your ideas, and we will start the process of moving the design from paper into your house. From sawmills all across Oahu, we handpick lumber from an extensive selection of stunning Hawaiian woods, all sustainably sourced. Woods include monkeypod, Norfolk pine, milo, koa, eucalyptus, mango and many more. Use the contact form below to send us a quick summary of your idea, and we'll start the journey!

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All sustainably harvested local woods from Oahu.
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Reclaimed Hawaiian Hardwoods




Monkeypod -- Also known as Ohai locally and acacia on the mainland, monkeypod is a large shade tree that is seen all over Oahu. We get our monkeypod from fallen trees, sustainably harvested from all over Oahu. Monkeypod has unique figure and coloration, which varies from tree to tree. 

mango bench.jpg

Mango -- The wood from the mango tree. Mango is a lighter colored wood, and sometimes has fantastic figure. 


Koa -- One of the few trees endemic (native) to Hawaii. Koa is known as one of the most beautiful woods in the world.


Kamani -- An amazing fire red wood that is grown here in Hawaii. Kamani is pretty rare, so we don't see that much of it. We do try to keep some of it in the shop! 


If your furniture needs rejuvenation, we can bring it back to life and save you from buying something new. We can refinish it either in your home or at our shop. For a quote, please text or email us a description of the job and a picture of the piece.

We can fix structural problems (broken legs, cracked tops, etc) and also do refinishing. To give you an idea of price, refinishing a dining table is generally between $200 - $600. Fixing a cracked table leg can be about $100. We want it to be less expensive for you to have your furniture fixed than buying a new piece.