Finished Entertainment Center!


Alright, so the biggest news around here is that we finished and delivered the gigantic custom entertainment center! The new owners designed this piece from the ground up, and I think they really nailed the color!

Kristina also found new fabric for our mediation stools, so we're updating their look a bit. We are also offering a bare bones version for a super low price point: only $45! Below is a gallery of all the new looks.

We also made some really cool fins out of Formosa Koa, which can serve as decoration in your home. We've made them out of monkeypod in the past, but I really like the formosa. Each fin is shaped by hand, which takes quite a bit of time. It is a really enjoyable process to make the curves flow like nature intended.

We had an absolutely breathtaking sunset at around 5:15 last Friday night. The mountains made Waimanalo look so magical. No filters used on these photos! The colors where just as they appeared. Sometimes we take our amazing natural environment for granted, and then nature reminds us just what it's capable of. 

Thats all for now! We're working on some monkeypod furniture, as well as a production run of bottle openers, more meditation stools, and much much more. Thanks for reading!