Cuban mahogany and koa entry table


The parameters for this piece are as follows: Cuban mahogany live edge slab, entry table height (~36"), mitered waterfall leg, and koa for the other leg. Other than that, I was given creative freedom, which is so exciting, and at the same time, a lot of responsibility. I tried to take detailed pictures of the entire process, and while it's a pretty simple table, the design took a lot of effort! I also haven't delivered the piece at the time of this writing, so we're going to have to wait for installed pictures.  

Cuban mahogany grows in Hawaii, in addition to its namesake of Cuba (and a few other tropical regions). It is not very easily available, and outside of Hawaii, you would have a very tough time finding a slab like this. Even here, I'd say that finding a piece of Cuban mahogany would be more difficult than koa, and probably around the same price. Regardless, it's a very rare wood, and is prized by instrument makers and cabinet makers. I was fortunate to snap up this slab when I saw it. If it was more readily available, I would certainly use a lot more Cuban mahogany!