It has been a while...


Aloha! A long stretch of time has passed since my last post. Three months, or 15 weeks, 103 days, 2472 hours... no matter how you measure, it has been a long time. We did take one vacation during this period, spending two weeks in California. Barring the holidays at the end of last year, this was the first major time off that I had taken since starting Rust & Root. We got back just about a month ago, and we are still dealing with the backlog of work that comes from taking time off. 

I am going to do my best to fill you, dear readers, in on the action behind the furniture that we're building. Looking back through the pictures, we've done a lot of work, so I think it'll be difficult to distill it all down to this one blog post. 

Quick summary of finished pieces. If you have questions or want a similar piece, please contact us! 

Okay I really can't write any more on this post. I made a huge mistake by letting so much time go past in between posts and now I'm overwhelmed. I'm going to post this now and then work on a rapid succession of future posts.