reclaimed table, reclaimed outdoor chairs, and reclaimed bedside tables!

Alohaaaa friends!

Danny has been doing a great job posting away but today I thought it could be my turn to introduce myself and tell you about what I have been up to the last few days! I got a few projects done that were primarily focused on PAINTING! Check out these painting paws! 

A while back, Danny and I found two, amazing, matching outdoor chairs on the side of the road in Honolulu. They were in pretty rough shape--one of which had a broken arm and both had pretty bad sun damage but you could just tell how amazing their potential was. We picked them up off the road and threw them in the bad of the truck. First item of business was to fix the broken arm which wasn't too difficult. Nothing a couple of screw and glue couldn't fix. Next for the sanding. The sanding was a little trickier because of how hard the wood is! We think it might be Oak based on the color and its strength. Painting came next and was definitely the most tedious but also the most rewarding. The chairs had beautiful stripes engraved all over and I wanted to make sure to keep the integrity of the original design. First I oil primed all spots that were going to be painted and then used a dark forest green. Once I finally put the final coat of polyurethane the green and the vibrant Oak color came out beautifully! Very pleased with how these outdoor chairs refurbishment turned out. See for yourself (only one of two pictured) 

As Danny mentioned in a previous post I was also working on stylizing a round table which could be used as a kitchen table, and outdoor table, or any kind of table! I finally finished painting the table and I am soo excited with how it turned out! Check it out!

The design reminds me of waves underneath a beautiful red to pink sunset. Gets me thinking of the beauty of Honolulu, Waimanalo, Kailua or anywhere on Oahu for that matter! This project was so much fun for me because it allowed me to turn a very simple yet strong table into a piece of art. Definitely a unique, one of a king piece of furniture. 

Two more items I finished yesterday were these two wonderful bedside tables. We picked these bad boys up from Alyson who lives in Kailua. She sent me a picture of these two tables and Danny and I were at her house within the hour to pick them up! Just from looking at the picture I knew I wanted to have them. We get to her house, I walk over to the awesome bedside tables and attempt to pick one up....NOPE! They are as heavy as stone, which as a someone who deals with reclaimed furniture, is awesome! This means they are solid and wood and very durable. And that they are! Luckily for me the tables were in pretty good shape with the small exception of the tops which were warped and peeling. I was able to build a brand new top for tables and now they have a cool updated style. I hope you love them! (Only one pictures) 

Well I think that is it for me today! It has been so much fun writing this update! I hope you love our furniture!



Daniel Ovryn