Rust & Root Furniture shapes beautiful pieces of local Hawaiian hardwoods using modern design and unique style. We strive to create unique custom furniture, and we stand behind our craftsmanship.

Monkeypod Aloha Shaka
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Birds and Flags Bench

These stools are perfect for mediation, game night, dinner around the coffee table, and so much more! We also do custom bench orders. If you would like your bench a specific size, without slant, or something else just let us know! 

The stools have a 1.5" thick cushion making them very comfortable. The fabric is both very durable and stylish, allowing the stool to easily incorporate itself into your home. 

The stools have a slight slant which promotes good posture in both meditation and regular sitting. The legs are situated closer to the middle giving plenty of room for your legs to sit comfortably on both sides. 

We use knotty pine for the structure of the bench and then stain it to give it a warmer look. 

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