There are so many pictures to post that I'm just going to do a few image galleries to make the formatting easier. 

The first gallery shows the process of putting a dovetail key in a walnut serving board. We had some leftover walnut from another project, so we decided to make use of it! The remainder of the crack was filled with epoxy to make sure that no food gets stuck.

This is how you sit on our meditation benches. Kristina is the model and this picture was taken at the lovely Waimanalo beach. 

This is how you sit on our meditation benches. Kristina is the model and this picture was taken at the lovely Waimanalo beach. 

Next up, we've got a custom bed frame. It is made of a mixture of reclaimed wood for the headboard, and ash lumber for the side rails and footboard. We used ash because it is inexpensive, incredibly strong and looks great stained. This bed was stained walnut to match our customer's decor. We use high quality hardware to connect the side rails to the head and footboards. No tools necessary to assemble! Three huge drawers provide ample storage space underneath.

We bought some 1/4" sapele pieces, so Kristina decided to make another patterned table. The last one came out so well and I think that this one is even better! She stained some of the pieces with red mahogany stain so there are contrasting colors. We haven't had a chance to put the hairpin legs on this beautiful table yet, so that picture will have to wait. At 40"x40", this would make a perfect kitchen table or small dining table.

We made a really cool light fixture from a mango slab for our showroom. The live edge looks amazing in this one... and that mango's color is fantastic!

mango slab

Our "Aloha Shaka" signs get started out as a single monkeypod board. We have templates for each letter, so they're traced and then cut on the bandsaw. Old school style. One day we'll get a CNC machine, but for now I like the uniqueness of each piece. Also, I just started using epoxy to hold the letters on the plexiglass backing. Much cleaner than screws! 

We share a work neighborhood with Sky Kombucha. Dave and Shannon (the owners) are really great people, and have two adorable little kids who like to come and check out our "wood house" (as they call our shop), whenever they can. Sky just started making nitro cold brew coffee, and it's amazing. They're putting it on tap all over Oahu, and they asked us to make them some tap handles. They'll have two different brews, so we're making them tap handles with two different species of wood, monkeypod and Norfolk pine. 

Kristina's family took us on a trip to the Big Island after Thanksgiving (which we were very thankful for!). Here are a few pictures from that trip.